April 2019

Getting Real with the Faux Kings

It’s been a long time in the making, but the portriat-series project I worked on together with Vienna based artist and drag queen Dutzi Ijsenhower aka Bernd Eischeid is finally getting published. “Faux Kings” will be on show April 29th - May 5th at Improper Walls Galery in Vienna.


Between the first test shoot in October of 2017, a major studio session in March of 2018 and the final image editing process over the past weeks a lot of time has passed. But shooting the images was just one part of this exhibition. During the past months Bernd and our curator Ewa Stern were working hard to create an exhibition week that will elevate our portraits even more. 

For this reason we created a Startnext crowdfunding campaign that I invite you to check out! If you like what you see, support us and get awesome goodies for that.

Also creating all the communication material for this project ended up being another big part of the project. Bernd as well as myself we both come from a strong communication background. So we didn’t want to do stuff half-assed. An additional photoshoot happened and we created still lives out of the characters’ props and press shots for us as artists. And Ewa did an amazing job putting together the crowdfunding video.

If you are curious how the finished artworks actually look like, then I encourage you to come to our vernissage on April 29th in Vienna. You can find also more information about the project on this website: www.fauxkings.com

I will of course sooner or later update this blog post with pictures form the gallery show. Stay tuned!
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