Photo Editors for Publications:

I am usually available for short notice commissions in Austria and Europe. Please send your inquirey to and list project details, deadlines as well as the budget and attach references of what you are looking for in your first e-mail. If it is really urgent, you can ring me at +43 6991 0329333.

Art Directors/Buyers for Commercial Projects:
I am happy to contribute to your client’s visual identity. Please contact me with a brief on your project’s visual language and I will create a custom PDF-portfolio matching the expectations of your client.

Private Customers and Small Businesses:
I love working with individuals to shoot their portraits either in the studio or on-location or create a set of photos about their  business. I will adapt the workflow and budget to your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a first chat.

Interested in any kind of studio production? Come to Studio Totale, where I currently have a workspace for exactly that.