Photo by Ton Oliveira
July 2018

As seen through a 35mm lens

In May I introduced you to my 28mm lens and announced that I will also show you how the world I see looks through the other focal lenghts in my arsenal. So for this month I will introduce you to my most favorite travel lens: the Sony Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8. 

I like this lens not only because it’s one of the smallest and lightest there is for a Sony alpha full frame camera. It actually gives me plenty of flexibility since it’s not too wide for portraits (especially on a trip where I want to get a sense for the surroundings) and wide enough for a good overview of the situation. The fixed focal length also forces me to look at places from different perspectives, because sometimes I have to simply move a couple meters to get the shot that I want. 

I took this to a lot of cities, but let me show you how I captured a stroll through Prague’s old town this spring.

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