March 2018

“Faux Kings” Art Project

For quite some while I am working together with Vienna based performance- and drag-artist Dutzi Ijsenhower on a photographic art project. Dutzi is exploring his family ancestry and is dealing with self defined and genetically related identity. In September of 2017 we already had our first test photoshoot to define the style and to play around with outfit ideas Dutzi had.

In early 2018 we then realized the first five portraits for the photo series, which were shot in my home studio. More photoshoots will follow, but for now I’m very excited to offer you first impressions from the set and a Behind the Scenes Video we shot back during the first test shoot.

Model: Dutzi Ijsenhower
Make-Up & Outfit Assistance: Florian Anrather
Additional Photography: Ton Oliveira

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