May 2019

This was the Faux Kings Exhibition

Months in the making, the Faux Kings exhibition was finally taking place from April 29th to May 5th at Viennese Gallery “Improper Walls”. Artist Bernd Eischeid, a.k.a. Dutzi Ijsenhower, showcased the “ancestry gallery of a drag queen” with portraits I shot in my studio. The exhibition was curated by Ewa Stern.

The five portraits show 5 individuals out of Bernd’s ancestry tree, interpreted by Bernd’s unique style of drag. The exhibition week was kicked off by the obvious vernissage evening, follower by a series of special events.


One highlight was the guided tour by art historian and drag queen Tiefe Kümmernis. The participant list filled up to the maximum quickly and after an 45 min long tour through the exhibition Tiefe Kümmernis hosted an artist talk with Bernd Eischeid.
I was extraordinarily moved by the amout of people who showed up and took part in all the activities. Especially the crap-to-crown workshop was such a great experience that it made me spontaneously shoot the manufactured crowns and their makers in an impromptu studio shoot on location.
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